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Picture of Corporate Communication (Hardcover) - Rokhsana Akhter Rupee

Corporate Communication (Hardcover) - Rokhsana Akhter Rupee

Companies, public or private, are in constant contact with their stakeholders: customers, business partners, legal aid practitioners, auditors, journalists or their employees. No matter who they set the communication at, a concrete strategy always makes big difference in the sense. It is mandatory to understand the target people, their background, company values, and practices to decide a formal, informal or neutral tone in communications at different levels. Using the right tone of voice is essential to reflect your corporate identity while communicating both in writing and verbal. A successful corporate communication strategy helps the company or organization control its impact on others correctly. This book will help you create the following positive effects at once- • Strengthen your corporate identity • Increase recognition value • Improve professionalism • Help in efficient control of the external impact • Improve work atmosphere • Improve performance
Picture of Bangladesh Marching Forward - Dr. A K Abdul Momen
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Bangladesh Marching Forward - Dr. A K Abdul Momen

Bangladesh Marching Forward
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