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How to Win Friends and influence people (Paperback) - Dale Carnegie

The first, and one of the best self-help books, Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People has helped millions of people improve their personal and professional lives. First published in 1936, the book continues to prove invaluable because of the timeless questions that are answered by Carnegie. The techniques and principles of the book have proved their efficacy over the years. According to Carnegie, our success depends greatly on our communication skills and tactics, and our ability to manage our relationships. In this book, Carnegie guides us to improve these very skills. The book discusses the techniques of handling people, Carnegie points out that we should not criticize or condemn anybody, and should always give our honest appreciation. While pointing out how we can make people like us, Carnegie advises us to be good listeners, show genuine interest in people, and make people feel good about themselves. To come across as a pleasant and friendly person, the most important thing to do is to smile.
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